Strategy & Organization


Any organization of any size any sector and with any maturity curve needs to understand its own and its competitor strategies. Ability to do things differently and get the competitive advantage is a constant need. 

We help organizations come up with unique and different strategies based on thorough research and competitive benchmarking studies.

Corporate Development


As the need for any corporation is to keep evoloving and developing itself to be relevant and appropriate in the dynamic changing world is key. 

We ensure that the organization development is carried out with concatination of Cultural Excellence and Performance Excellence leading to Organizational Excellence. 

​Operations Management


The mantra for any organization is "Get more with Less". Ability of each and every one in the setup is to get this ingrained in their DNA or culture of performance. To get this innovation and optimization the way operations is carried out needs a different eye and focus. 

Most of the issues to solve problems, optimize, automate, reduce manual intervention, projectization and business acumen starts with the way operations is planned, executed and monitored.

We enable organizations to be well equipped both strategically and tactically to get the best out of people and process. Our methodologies comes from the best known standards, framework, tools, technologies and huge experiences. We can execute projects at large scale to ensure operations is highly optimized and also train and certify people to carry out complex projects themselves. 




Every organization that started is no more existing, many are extint and many are struggling to continue. This issue of sustainance and being relevant and continue to make profits need a huge shift and movement in the way management takes decisions and looks at every minute details. 

We help organization assess themselves on where they are and what are the possible pitfalls for thier long term sustainability. We execute projects and facilitate learning to ensure the quesion of sustainabilityis well answered.. 

​Maturity Based Interventions


All our interventions are based on whats is need for the business contenxt and relevance. This is assessed well, shared as a detailed research document and report and then further actions are planned. The methodology is very well oiled and thoroughly researched both field test and academic rigor. Every intervention has a huge depth, width and height dimension to get clearly drafted objective to attain excellence. 



Glocal is the buzz word, as one needs to be global and local. Ability to go beyond boundary and geographies needs focused and appropriate strategy and methodology.

We help organizations with appropriate processes, methodology and understanding to be prepared for going global and international. As the key to go global needs dynamic, flexible and also standardizable processes and functions, we enable organizations to be fully equipped for this journey.

We engage with a client and start with Discovering

"what is the current state of the organization?"


Discover your Organization


  • Organization Processes and Systems diagnostic- Based on the Client Org..’s new Vision, Mission and Values

  • Business process Maturity assessment to baseline current ways of operations / functioning- Qualitative and Quantitative study

  • Metro Map all processes with global frameworks with appropriate benchmarks create new standards where necessary.

  • Top Priority impact areas identification to enable achieve the set vision and mission and live the values and beliefs.

  • Project Charters for the Top priority impact areas with Cost benefit analysis at the same time integrating the Vision, Mission, Values and Beliefs of Client Org.



Design, Develop and Deploy solutions


  • Identify solutions for filling this GAP-either thru technology, process improvements or re-engineering

  • Implement optimized solutions and help sustain growth

  • Build culture of excellence

  • Basis the defined business case, design, develop and deploy process & technology

  • Communicate and disseminate changes

  • Implement People Analytics with clear Dashboard metrics Reporting

  • Ongoing assessment and improvement of performance management system

  • Building change agents and implementation leaders

  • Set the culture of Learning and development, training and growth

  • Use technology to monitor, control and manage

  • Ongoing review and reap benefits

Innovation with Dynamic Processes