• We are a group of passionate and enquiring set of people, who are in all in the journey of Enabling Evolutionary Excellence in the Consciousness Era.

  • Enabling organization development over 25 years over 15 countries, there is a school of thought and approach that has evolved

  • A holistic approach to Organizal Excellence with combining both Cultural Excellence and Performance Excellence

  • Working with Fortune 50 organizations, Governments and Government linked companies, Multinational companies, Institutes, Not for Profit organization, Startups & many SMEs has given a wide variety of exposure and bandwidth for any client engagement

  • A well oiled process combining People and Process with Technology to Build a Culture of Performance Excellence

  • Most unique and niche services offered which even the Top consulting companies dont offer

  • Ability to blend into any culture, industry and level in an organization 


"Enable Evolutionary Excellence in Consciousness Era" E3CE

What we are known for is our Vision and Values. We enjoy very high credibility amongst our fraternity.

Our Values govern and guide us in every critical decision. We stand by:

The values that guide us in our journey are:


  • Integrity

  • Living What we preach and teach

  • Self Governance

  • Growing

  • Innovation

  • Farsightedness

  • Collaborate

Prathap B (Ph.D)

Principal Consultant & Director 


  • Passionate & seasoned professional with Quality, Business Excellence and Transformation as the backbone of life.

  • A Master Black Belt in ‘Lean SixSigma’ with a focus and clarity on life vision from the age of 10. His sense for perfection comes right from the beginning of his career as an Air Force Pilot flying fighter aircrafts.

  • His inquisitiveness and thirst for knowledge has led him to complete over thirteen certifications & currently pursuing Ph.D in Management has made him a specialist in being an Entrepreneur, Strategist, Methodology and Framework architect, Consultant, Compliance management, Discover, Design, Develop and Deliver. Business Process Management, Transformation, Transaction Monitoring, Process Control, Auditing, Process Improvement & Re-engineering along with Certifications, Coaching & Training are his passion.

  • He teaches at institutes like IIMB-Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, Alliance University and many other schools & colleges.

  • As a Director of Arpitha Associates, leading the research, business process management and technology, he brings the holistic approach for organizations to enable efficient interconnectivity amongst multiple functions using business simulation tools, project management, statistics and quality processes. 

  • He is a warm, affable person with high level of patience and endurance to reach out to all ages and levels of professionals. His energy and ever-flowing enthusiasm to explore and experience life comes from his keen interest in outbound adventure which has left behind within him a spirit of freedom and openness.

  • His varied interests span from research to technology seamlessly weaving each of his competencies and capabilities to fulfill his and Arpitha’s vision - “Enabling Evolutionary Excellence in Consciousness Era-E3CE.”

  • He has worked in companies like Citibank, Vanguard, Aditya Birla Group, Hewitt Associates and HP at different capacities both in senior positions and holding global roles. His last role as employee was @ HP as Global Vice President -Transformation.

  • He started 3 companies BlueTiger, GroundReality Enterprises and RealEstate Quarterly along with starting Business Process Vertical at Arpitha Associates.

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